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grass-fed beef

Richard Cornish on the Provenir Chef Series

What happens when you put two exceptional chefs together in a kitchen with what is considered Australia’s most ethical beef? You get the Provenir Chef Series.

This is a range of tasty heat and serve beef meals made to recipes by Three Blue Ducks chef Mark LaBrooy and renowned Central Victorian chef Christopher Howe, formerly of The Talbot Provedore . . .

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Provenir Bone Broth

The Benefits of Bone Broth

Nose to tail eating isn’t a new concept. In fact, not utilising an animal carcase to its full potential is a modern phenomena that only emerged reasonably recently. Beef bones – perhaps the most underutilised resource of all – contain nutrients that are essential for the healthy functioning of the human body and consuming broth made from these bones has myriad health benefits.

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Mark LaBrooy

Provenir introduces new Chef Series meals

Through a collaboration with two such chefs, Provenir is now proud to present their new Chef Series meals. Provenir knows that many Australians care deeply about the quality and provenance of the food that they consume, but accessing and preparing such ingredients isn’t always simple, nor is real source transparency easy to find.

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shortrib square

The Best Beef Cuts for Slow Cooking

While most beef lovers are familiar with the experience of cooking a steak on the BBQ, there are a range of beef cuts available which create incredible meals if cooked correctly. For many of these, the best results can be achieved by cooking low and slow to result in a full flavoured, juicy and tender meat dish.

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On Farm Processed Grass Fed Beef

Provenir – a meat sustainability story

While the mainstream industrial meat processing industry leaves plenty of room for improvement when it comes to sustainability, Provenir are committed to doing things differently. Resource maximisation and positive environmental impact are central to Provenir’s ethical standards.

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Spring Creek, Eastern Riverina

CSIRO research overturns myths about beef’s impact on human protein supply

Red meat is often criticised as having a very large footprint, taking up land that could be used to grow crops for human food, or eating grain that humans could be eating instead – however CSIRO research shows Australian beef production is efficient at converting both low quality protein in grains that humans can eat, as well as protein in grass that humans can’t eat, into high quality protein for human nutrition.

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Grass Fed Beef Bones

What makes free range beef?

Navigating the different terms and labels for meat products might seem simple . . . Free range, feedlot, grass-fed, grain fed, organic, regenerative… Until it’s not. While phrases such as free range meat, grass fed beef and paddock to plate might seem reasonably self-explanatory, things aren’t always as they seem. In this article we explain exactly what free range truly means when used to describe meat products, as well as what you can ascertain about products that don’t make this claim.

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The story behind Provenir on farm processed beef

The Provenir journey – it’s the ‘how’ (not just the cow) that makes highest welfare, ethical meat

The Provenir team knew that they wanted to ethically process and deliver the best meat direct from the farmer to the consumer. However, the industry paradigm and state legislation within the Australian meat industry made realising these goals impossible. That’s where a determined group of individuals decided to fight – for many years – to improve a flawed system resistant to change.

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