Exceptional quality meat
through highest welfare
on-farm processing


At Provenir we understand that knowing the provenance of your food, how it was produced and that it meets your personal commitment to animal welfare is important to you.

Provenir Meat Packs

Order online and receive a selection of grass-fed Provenir beef delivered to your door!  


We believe that the welfare of animals doesn’t have to be compromised

Provenir’s unique on-farm process ensures highest animal welfare at all times.

This is not only good for livestock, it’s great for our farmers, meat quality and for you.

Where to buy

Provenir is the highest welfare meat available in the Australian market place, grass-fed, free range and processed on-farm. 

Experience juicy beef of exceptional taste and tenderness.

Home delivered

Order online and receive Provenir beef delivered to your door. 


Retail outlets

Find Provenir beef in grocery stores and butchers.



Experience Provenir beef cooked to perfection. 


The six star Provenir Promise
is our guarantee to you that
you will love your meat.

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    • Highest welfare
    • Processed on-farm
    • Full traceability & true provenance
    • Grass-fed & free range
    • Exceptional eating quality
    • No added hormones, herd antibiotics,
      or intensive feedlots

    Provenir is the result of highest welfare, true provenance & artisan butchery.

    We directly address the needs of today’s conscientious consumer, who demands true provenance, traceability and assurance that your food meets your personal commitment to animal welfare.

    Provenir partners with Australian farmers who produce top quality livestock, free range and grass-fed.

    At the heart of Provenir’s operations is our unique, mobile on-farm processing unit – never before available in Australia.  This enables us to purchase and process livestock on the farm in a familiar and stress free environment.

    Good for the livestock, for farmers and good for you.

    By processing on-farm we provide true provenance, and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology our digital provenance platform enables a connection between farmers, chefs and you the consumer.  So, with the scan of a QR code you know where your food was produced and how.

    Our artisan butchery utilises a combination of traditional butchery and advanced techniques of chilling and hanging – all of which are focused on maximizing the quality of the meat.

    Our commitment to best practice on the farm and in our butchery respects the life of the animal and values the quality of the meat throughout the whole process.

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