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2. Receive

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Cook delicious meals, with high welfare, grass-fed beef. 

Provenir Cooks Pack

What's in the Pack

You’ll receive a variety of cuts from quick cooking steaks, to slow cook roasts and versatile mince beef. 

  • Steaks

    Eye fillet, rump, porterhouse and scotch. Classic beef steaks all with their own characteristics of tenderness and flavour profiles. 

  • Artisan Cuts

    Bavette, rump fillet and flat iron, lesser known cuts which we believe should be celebrated and not relegated to minced beef. 

  • BBQ & Diced

    Kebabs, hamburgers and stir-fry strips, quick cooking cuts perfect for mid-week meals on the go.  Lean and slow cook diced beef. 

  • Roasts

    Bolar, Topside, Chuck and Silverside, perfect for the slow cooker, or thick cut and diced for a hearty beef curry or braised beef dishes. 

  • Sausages

    Our sausages are made with beef, pepper, salt and some herbs and veggies from the garden.   Preservative (223) is used to extend to life of our sausages and burgers, except our Spicy Beef & Beetroot sausage which is preservative free.  No fillers, wheat or rice flour is added. We use natural hog casings, if this is an issue please let us know via comments when checking out. 

  • Mince Beef

    Juicy, great texture and full of flavour. We love how versatile mince can be, whether you’re cooking a rich pasta sauce, a homemade beef pie or quick and easy tacos, Provenir mince will take your cooking to a new level in texture and taste. 

How we curate your Pack

Provenir is a full-body butchery, meaning we do not bring packaged meat into our butchery. We process whole carcasses of beef, honouring the entire animal, so nothing goes to waste. 

We believe this is the most sustainable and ethical way to consume meat.

Did you know that prime steaks make up only 2% of a whole beef carcase?

Our Meat Packs are designed to give you a range of beef cuts proportional to the volume of each cut we break down in our butchery.

The great thing about eating this way is that some of the tastiest cuts are those you may never have tried before. 

On each of our labels you will find a QR code which will connect you with the farmer who produced that very cut of beef, plus information on that particular cut of meat. 

Over time we will be adding recipes and cooking tips to help you cook like a pro and make the most out of your Provenir Meat Pack.



  1. Quality & Convenience

    Eat meat of exceptional taste and tenderness while experiencing the convenience of home delivery.

  2. Highest Welfare

    Feel good knowing that you are supporting highest welfare farming and on-farm processing.

  3. Cook with confidence

    Receive tasting notes, tips and recipe inspiration so that you can cook like a pro in the kitchen.

  4. Meat with Provenance

    Know where your food is from and get to know the farmers who produce your food.

  5. Flexibility

    Want to try a different cut or steak?  Have a preference for roast beef, or want to swap out the sausages for mince?  Let us know when placing your order and we’ll do our best to cater to your preferences.  

  6. Love your meat

    We know that when you cook with Provenir you will love your meat.

Home delivery - when and where

Weekly deliveries into ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria

Order before 9pm Sunday to receive your Provenir Pack delivered to your door the following Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

We will also get in touch to confirm delivery day prior to dispatch of your order. 

Want to know about shipping costs?  Provenir is currently offering FREE DELIVERY on all meat pack orders and a $25 delivery fee for orders that do not contain a meat pack.

Shop - frequently asked questions
Want to know more about Provenir meat and our online store?

We strive to consider the environment in every aspect of our business, from working with regenerative farmers, through to the delivery of our product.

We have put much research and consideration into the best packaging currently available for Provenir meat. The number one consideration is for food safety and providing a wholesome food product. While further consideration has been had from the perspective of environmental sustainability of the raw packaging material, post consumer disposal (recyclability or composability) and also the impact packaging can have to reduce food waste.

That’s why we pack our meats using Plantic trays, and where possible we use ‘skin-pack’ packaging, which significantly increases the shelf life of the meat. We also use MAP and cryovac packaging, dependant on the cut of meat.

Plantic trays are not only recyclable, they are also made from layers of renewable corn-starch material and recycled post-consumer PET content. The trays can be washed and recycled in your curb-side recycling bin, while the film can either be left attached to the tray and put in curb-side recycling, or be washed and recycled at a REDcycle bin at one of the participating supermarkets.

Where possible we are looking to reduce our packaging and move to non plastic products, however availability of these products is limited or not 100% suitable from a food safety and shelf life / reducing food waste perspective.

We believe we have found the best packaging solution currently available but are always willing to do better if possible. If you have any suggestion of how we could provide a safe food product with good shelf life and reduce our use of plastic we would love to hear from you!

The thermo-insulated bag and cardboard box used for home delivery can both be recycled.

All of your meat will arrive fresh, it has never been frozen.  Each package will have it’s own best before date to consume by if fresh.

If you want to freeze the meat do so as soon as possible.  Then, defrost in the fridge overnight, once defrosted cook and consume immediately. 

Everything we do at Provenir is focused on minimising animal stress and maximising meat quality – which includes our hanging technique.

We have designed our units to enable the tender stretch method of hanging (hanging an entire half carcase from the hip joint rather than quartering the carcase and hanging from the achilles and rib cage respectively)

This technique maintains the natural form of the carcase and has been shown (by MLA research) to minimises cold shortening and maximises meat tenderness. Utilising this method of hanging means that we can achieve maximum tenderness in a shorter period of time. On average, we hang the carcase for five days and in doing so achieve outstanding taste and tenderness.

We are currently offering delivery throughout ACT, NSW, Queensland and Victoria.

We soon hope to open up our delivery to more locations around Australia. If you would like us to ship to your location, please register your interest with us via our contact page

Provenir offer free delivery for all online orders that contain a meat pack and $25 delivery fee for all other orders.

If you would like you can let us know your preferences of cuts in each category, however we can not fully customise your Packs.  The reason for this is that Provenir is a full-body butchery, meaning we do not bring packaged meat into our butchery. We process whole carcasses of beef and for this reason we need to sell all cuts, so nothing goes to waste.

We believe this is the most sustainable and ethical way to eat.

Please get in touch via our contact page and let us know how we can help. 

Each pack of meat will display an individual best before date.

Best before dates vary depending on the cut of beef, packaging type and the time your meat pack takes to be delivered fresh from our butchery to your home. 

The following can be used as a guide to understand how long the meat will last fresh upon delivery.

Steak  – 21 days

Artisan cuts – 21 days

Roasts – 15 days

Stir-fry strips and Kebabs – 7 days

Mince beef – 7 days

Sausages – 6 days

Hamburgers – 6 days

Sausages – Spicy Beef and Beetroot.  Ingredients: Beef 82%, Beetroot, Garlic, Chilli Salt, Pepper, Parsley, natural hog casings. 

Sausages – Beef.  Ingredients: Beef 87%, Water, Salt, Pepper, Parsley, Preservative (223), natural hog casings. 

Sausages – Beef & Herb. Ingredients: Beef 84%, Water, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Preservative (223), natural hog casings. 

Hamburgers. Ingredients: Beef 87%, Water, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Parsley, Preservative (223)