True Paddock to Plate

Exceptional quality meat through highest welfare on-farm processing, delivering farm fresh beef to your door.



Provenir is Australia’s only licensed mobile on-farm abattoir and online butcher.  

The highest animal welfare and the best quality grass-fed beef.

Working directly with local beef farmers across Victoria and NSW, Provenir traces each cut of grass-fed beef it produces. 

Giving customers a true paddock to plate experience, and allowing them to trace each and every cut of meat to the farm it was raised on. 

Now that something to talk about at the next BBQ with friends. 


Provenir’s paddock to plate delivery service provides fresh, top quality grass-fed beef direct from the farm.

Free-range, ethical meat delivered to your door from the farm.

Farm Meats Pack

Start with one of convenient online paddock to plate meat packs, these are packed full with wonderful grass-fed beef steaks, roasts, sausages, mince and delicious ready to heat meals straight from the farm.

Meat Packs

Build Your Own Farm Pack

Shop online for restaurant quality great tasting grass-fed beef cuts straight from the farm.

Build you own pack

Delicious Ready To Heat Meals

beef bolognese sauce ready to heat pack

Discover our new Chef Series range of ethical ready to heat meals.  Produced by award winning Chefs, the delicious meals use our ethical on-farm processed beef.

Ready to Heat Meals

True paddock to plate

Provenir was founded in 2017 on the belief that the best quality beef meat comes from livestock that are raised to the highest of welfare standards, right up to the very end.

Breaking away from industry standards with fixed location abattoirs, and live transport for cattle over long distances in over-crowded, stressful and uncomfortable truck trailers. 

Provenir devised a simple solution to bring highest animal welfare into consideration with mobile on-farm processing.  So, instead of the animal being transported to abattoir; the abattoir comes to the farm. Eliminating unnecessary stress on livestock associated with live transport to the processors, Provenir’s unique on-farm processing improves animal welfare and produces ethical meat of exceptional quality, taste and tenderness. 

Happy cows, better beef, and a true paddock to plate supply chain for you, the customer.

Loved by some of Australia’s top chef’s, Provenir also supplies restaurants and retail grocery stores. 

Our restaurant quality free-range meat is also available for home delivery via our online butcher store.


Discover our Chef Series

Delicious ready made meals with Provenir’s ethically produced free-range and grass-fed beef. 

Whether it’s for the quick family dinner or lazy night in, our Chef Series range is the perfect ready to heat meal to have in the fridge. 

Seven great tasting recipes from two highly respected chefs.

Spiced pulled beef brisket

Provenir beef brisket dry rubbed with smoked paprika and spices then slow cooked in real beef stock

Coffee rubbed pulled beef brisket

Provenir beef brisket dry rubbed with coffee and spices then slow-cooked in real beef stock

Pulled beef brisket with red wine & thyme

Provenir beef brisket perfectly slow cooked in red wine and thyme

Beef bolognese sauce

A rich beefy traditional bolognese sauce with red wine, herbs, and Australian tomatoes

Sri Lankan beef tongue curry

A bright, light curry of delicate beef tongue in a deliciously aromatic coconut cream and potato sauce

Drover’s steak and kidney braise 

A classic dish of slow cooked chunky Provenir beef and diced kidney in a rich red wine, vegetable, Australian tomato, and herb braise

Beef and black peppercorn curry 

A warming beef and vegetable curry with generous heat from black peppercorns – the ‘chef’s spice’

We believe that animal welfare doesn’t have to be compromised

Stress free on farm processing is now a reality

Ethically sourced meat means ensuring that every day in an animal’s life is as important as the first – including the last. 

Provenir’s on farm meat processing (the only operation of its kind in Australia) ensures the highest welfare and lowest stress for the animal. 

We deliver 100% grass-fed and finished beef, meaning that our cows do not have to endure stressful feedlots, saleyards and abattoirs. Provenir’s ethical meat is naturally grown – free range, grass-fed and hormone-free beef .

Where to buy

Provenir currently offers home delivery in Victoria and Sydney via our online butcher store.

You can also purchase Provenir grass-fed beef in premium independent retail outlets across VIC, NSW and the ACT.

premium steak pack 5156 sq lr web.jpg

Home delivered

Order online and receive Provenir grass-fed beef delivered to your door. 


provenir pack meat kitchen 9195 scotch web.jpg

Retail outlets

Find Provenir free-range beef in grocery stores and butchers.


provenir restaurants beef 1024x688.jpg


Experience Provenir grass-fed beef cooked to perfection. 

The six star Provenir Promise
is our guarantee to you that
you will love your meat.

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    • Highest welfare
    • Processed on-farm
    • Full traceability & true provenance
    • Grass-fed & free range
    • Exceptional eating quality
    • No added hormones, herd antibiotics,
      or intensive feedlots

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