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Exceptional quality meat through highest welfare on-farm processing

Australia’s only licensed mobile on-farm processing operation, Provenir is an online butcher with a very important difference. 

The highest animal welfare and the best quality grass-fed beef.

At Provenir we understand that knowing the provenance of your food is essential and being sure that your meat is ethically produced is important. 

Provenir’s online butcher delivery service provides fresh, top quality grass-fed beef direct from the farm.

Free-range, grass-fed beef delivered to your door.

1. Order Online

Choose one of our convenient grass-fed beef meat packs and add extras you are after.


2. Receive

Receive your grass-fed beef pack delivered to your home.


3. Create

Cook delicious meals with delicious free-range and grass-fed beef.

Discover our convenient grass-fed beef butcher store

Provenir deliver the best quality Australian grass-fed beef directly from the farmer to your door.

Our humane and highest animal welfare on-farm processing provides exceptional quality free-range meat direct from local farmers to our customers. 

Minimising stress for the animal is at the core of the Provenir promise and we believe that this ethical meat production creates the best quality grass-fed meat. Happy cows, better beef.


We believe that animal welfare doesn’t have to be compromised

Stress free on farm processing is now a reality

Ethically sourced meat means ensuring that every day in an animal’s life is as important as the first – including the last. 

Provenir’s on farm meat processing (the only operation of its kind in Australia) ensures the highest welfare and lowest stress for the animal. 

We deliver 100% grass-fed and finished beef, meaning that our cows do not have to endure stressful feedlots, saleyards and abattoirs. Provenir’s ethical meat is naturally grown – free range, grass-fed and hormone-free beef .

Where to buy

Provenir currently offers home delivery in Victoria and Sydney via our online butcher store.

You can also purchase Provenir grass-fed beef in premium independent retail outlets across VIC, NSW and the ACT.

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Home delivered

Order online and receive Provenir grass-fed beef delivered to your door. 


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Retail outlets

Find Provenir free-range beef in grocery stores and butchers.


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Experience Provenir grass-fed beef cooked to perfection. 

The six star Provenir Promise
is our guarantee to you that
you will love your meat.

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    • Highest welfare
    • Processed on-farm
    • Full traceability & true provenance
    • Grass-fed & free range
    • Exceptional eating quality
    • No added hormones, herd antibiotics,
      or intensive feedlots

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