Trophy Winner

Outstanding Innovation, Sustainability & Community

The Provenir team is incredibly proud to have been awarded the 2020 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Award for Outstanding Innovation, Sustainability & Community. 

The Delicious Produce Awards celebrate the country’s new, innovative, native and consistently outstanding Australian ingredients grown, caught, sourced or produced with dedication, passion, knowledge and regard for the environment.

The Trophy for Outstanding Innovation, Sustainability & Community is awarded for outstanding innovation in the production of food, using sustainable methods along with a community focus to achieve such innovation.

It’s an amazing feeling to be chosen to receive one of Australia’s most prestigious and highly respected food industry awards. 

A passion for animal welfare and producing the best quality beef led the founders of Provenir to develop Australia’s first, and only, mobile on-farm abattoir. 

Eliminating stress associated with live animal transport, Provenir’s commercially licensed mobile abattoir processes livestock at the point of production, capturing the true provenance and quality of beef that our farmer partners work so hard to achieve.

The Innovation, Sustainability & Community award perfectly reflects Provenir’s vision to diversify the red meat industry with our innovative on-farm processing, to be environmentally conscious and to support regenerative farming practices.  Together, we are building a community of conscientious consumers and farmers who share a vision for highest animal welfare practices and the celebration of true provenance. 

“Livestock processed on the farm is the best way to go. It puts the farmer in control of the stress of the animal, which in turn creates amazing meat. Provenir has created a sustainable model that is great for animal, environment and, most importantly, taste.” Chef, restauranteur – Neil Perry


“Winning the delicious award is a fabulous acknowledgement of the focus and values of the Provenir team, both past and present, and the part I really love which is bridging the gap between producer and consumer, with all the opportunities that provides for stronger connections, greater understanding, valuing our food, education, and respect. “

Veterinarian and Provenir co-founder – Phil Larwill 

A shared vision

The synergy of our eclectic team

Provenir is the vision of five founders who came together with a shared passion to improve animal welfare, support regenerative farming practices, and produce exceptional quality beef.

Our diverse founder team includes a farmer, a vet, a chef, a marketer and a barrister, each of whom experienced their own defining moment when the concept of on-farm processing first sparked. 

Christopher Howe experienced that moment when, as Head Chef at the award winning Avoca Hotel, his most local producer of amazing free range pork, goat and venison called him to tell him that he could no longer supply because, “the abattoirs closed down, I’ve got nowhere to have my livestock processed”. So, Christopher started to investigate mobile on-farm processing, as it just made sense to him – for animal welfare, meat quality, and directly supporting local producers.

Through a fortuitous turn of events the founders were brought together to make their shared vision for on-farm processing a reality.

Winning this award is incredible validation for following our beliefs.  It represents an amazing reward for the sheer determination of our founders, dedication of our entire Provenir team, and the astonishing support from our partnering farmers, home cooks, retailers and chefs.“ – Chef and Provenir co-founder Christopher Howe


Innovating the red meat industry for the better

Initially, the founders of Provenir were told it couldn’t be done – processing on farm in a mobile abattoir is not allowed, and nothing is going to change that, full stop.

There was no blueprint for what the mobile unit looked like, how the business operations would work, there was a lot of red tape and many more nay-sayers.

We built our start-up company founded on the belief that there was a better way; better for animal welfare, better for farmers and better for meat quality.  Thankfully we also had the backing of a handful of smart investors, who not only had some coin, but also had genuine belief in what we were setting out to achieve.

Disrupting any industry isn’t easy, and the red meat industry is a stalwart example of that – built firmly on process and tradition.  In many ways, what Provenir is doing isn’t new at all; processing at the point of production was practised by our ancestors for millennia.  What Provenir does however, is achieve that in a modern context: passing all the regulatory hurdles, complying with food safety, animal welfare, and workplace requirements, and therefore enabling us to commercialise on-farm processed meat.


Partnering with regenerative farmers

From its inception, Provenir set out to partner with farmers who are practising regenerative agriculture.

We believe that farmers, as custodians of our land, are in a unique position to care for our natural environment, regenerate the landscape and address climate change through their use of cattle movement to sequester carbon in their soils.

As a fully integrated meat processor, we make it our responsibility to partner and collaborate with regenerative farmers and help support all farmers on their regenerative agriculture journey.

By processing at the point of production, Provenir captures the highest yield and best quality of beef.

Provenir eliminates the stress to livestock associated with live animal transport, in doing so we retain the best meat quality and higher yields, otherwise lost to transport or at abattoir lairage and reduce fossil fuel carbon emissions.

As a fully integrated meat processing company, we believe that capturing the quality and yield of this high value food product is the first and most important step we can take in sustainable meat production.  We produce better quality meat – and more of it.



Nurturing the connection between consumers and farmers

Operating Australia’s first and only mobile on-farm abattoir, Provenir is in a unique position to capture the true provenance of beef processed at the point of production.  We work on our farmer partners’ land and see their farming practices first-hand.  We believe we have a responsibility to share this knowledge and their stories with customers who consume our beef.

Provenir’s digital provenance platform, accessed via the unique QR codes printed on every pack of beef, allows consumers to validate the provenance of each individual purchase.  This provides full transparency of farm practices so consumers can have confidence that they are supporting the farming systems in which they believe.

We have created a community that nurtures the connection between consumers and farmers, as we believe this will drive positive changes in the farming sector and consumer behaviour. 


Olivia and Tom Lawson from Paringa stud.

About Provenir

Highest welfare from farm to your home. 

Provenir’s unique on-farm processing eliminates live transport and the associated stress, improves animal welfare, and produces premium quality beef of exceptional taste, juiciness, and tenderness.

The proof is in our product, but the product is a result of our passionate farmers – hard-working Australian families who genuinely care about their livestock.

Head to the About section to learn more about our award-winning beef, and its sustainable journey from paddock to plate.