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Provenir will soon launch our truly unique range of beef and lamb, meeting consumer demand for quality and welfare with a product never before available in the Australian marketplace. 

For today’s consumer knowing the provenance of their food, how it was produced and that it meets their personal commitment to animal welfare is imperative to their purchasing decision.

We know this through reputable global studies and also extensive research we have personally conducted into the Australian consumer market.

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consider animal welfare when purchasing red meat


would pay more for of people higher animal welfare and better tasting red meat


of people believe on-site processing would produce better meat


of people cited animal welfare as the main reasons they would purchase one red meat product over another

At the heart of our operation is Provenir’s unique on-farm processing, which truly sets us and our product apart.  Combine this with our commitment to best practice on the farm, in our butchery and in our product delivery to you, so you can offer your customers a new class meat.

Provenir partners with farmers that produce top quality cattle and meet our stringent high-welfare livestock management requirements.  Our unique on-farm process respects the life of the animal and assures highest welfare at all times.  Together with traditional, and advanced hanging, chilling and butchering techniques Provenir captures the quality our farmers work so hard to obtain.

By processing on-farm and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology we are able to provide full transparency and guaranteed provenance. True provenance to us means sharing the whole story; the farm of origin, knowing the farmer and how the livestock was raised.

Provenir will support you to tell the whole story of our meat with your customers, ensuring not only the best eating quality meat but also enriching the customer purchasing and dining experience.

  • Provide your customers with the highest welfare choice.
  • Promote your social responsibility reputation.
  • Maintain a competitive edge by offering a truly unique product.
  • Attract new and repeat customers.

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