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The six star
Provenir Promise
is our guarantee to you.

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Highest Welfare

Provenir farmers utilise low-stress handling techniques and raise their livestock on open pastures within a familiar herd structure; allowing the animals to express their natural character.

Processed on-farm

Instead of the livestock being transported, the abattoir comes to the farm. Eliminates unnecessary stress on animals associated with live transport. Less stress means less adrenalin produced, and thus more retained glycogen stores in the meat, leading to exceptional eating quality, taste and tenderness.

Full traceability

Provenir oversees the whole operation from purchasing livestock on-farm direct from our partnering farmers to the on-farm processing, into our butchery and on to you. By processing on-farm and utilising the latest in digital traceability technology we are able to provide full transparency and guaranteed provenance.

Grass-fed & free

Provenir partners with farmers who raise their livestock free-range and grass-fed.
For cattle and lamb, this means they are fed on natural grasses, pasture, hay or silage.

Exceptional eating

Our on-farm process and artisan butchery techniques ensure that the quality of the meat is retained and maximised throughout the whole process.

No added hormones,
herd antibiotics, or
intensive feedlots

Provenir farmers raise their livestock naturally: they do not feedlot, nor do they add hormones or antibiotics to the feed as growth promotants.

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