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~ 5.5kg of Provenir Beef


  • 4x Scotch Fillet Steak (~1kg total)
  • 2x Rib Eye (~1.2kg total)
  • 2x Porterhouse on the Bone (~1.2kg total)
  • 2x Rump Steak (~1.5kg total)
  • 1x Pichanya (Rump Cap) (~600g)
~ 9kg of Provenir Beef


  • 4-5Pc of Osso Bucco (~1.5kg total)
  • 1x Point End Brisket (~2kg)
  • 1x Short Ribs (~2kg)
  • 2x Slow Cook Diced Chuck (~ 1kg total)
  • 1x Whole Girello (~1kg total)
  • 3x Mince (~ 1.5kg total)

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