Generations of the Austin family have farmed at Mundarlo since they settled in the area during the 1940’s. 

Situated on the banks of the Murrumbidgee river, 50km east of Wagga Wagga, Mundarlo means “a place of much fog” in the local indigenous language.

Farming for the Austins is a way of life and they love that the whole family can be involved in the day-to-day running of the farming operation. 

Why Provenir? 

“On-farm processing with Provenir means we have total control.  All the hard work we do to raise animals ethically and holistically isn’t lost at the time of sale.”

“Being able to process animals on farm is something we have wanted for ages.  It removes the stress of transporting animals to an abattoir which will create better animal welfare and produce a better product.”

– Nick Austin

Farm fast facts

Farm NameMundarlo
Farm Size1440 hectares
How many cattle?Around 750 head in a normal year. 
Who works on the farm?Three generations of Austins, together with Susan Kell a casual stockhand.  
 Favourite beef meal?Roast Sirloin on the bone with roast potatoes, vegetables and bearnaise sauce.
Why Provenir?Grass-fed, low stress, high welfare product. 

Why we farm

The Austins have been farming since Australia was settled by Europeans.

Nick grew up on Mundarlo, but after moving away to study and work as an engineer, he never thought he would come home to live and work on the farm. 

In 2001, Nick and his wife Deanna came home to Mundarlo as a bit of an experiment, they both fell in love with the land and the lifestyle and never left. 


The Old Hume Highway passes through the farm. 

When Nick’s great grandfather ran Mundarlo, it was predominantly a sheep farm.  Later, Nick’s father Frank converted the farm over to a cattle enterprise right before the beef market crashed.  Frank was forced to go into cropping, and so Mundarlo was operating as a mixed farm while Nick was growing up. 

Since returning home and taking over the management, Nick and Deanna operate Mundarlo as a beef cattle enterprise run using holistic principles.

"Processing with Provenir means we have total control.

All the hard work we do to raise animals
ethically and holistically isn’t lost at the time of sale.

– Nick Austin 


Primarily Black Angus with a few crosses thrown in the mix. 

For many years, the Austins managed a Black Angus breeding program, but with the recent drought they have responded to conditions and are now a trading operation. 

They now buy in young cattle and grow them out, this allows the Austins to better manage their land and put less pressure on the natural resources. 

Livestock management

Holistic management and low stress handling. 

The Austins employ holistic management and low-stress handling principles in their farming operations.   The results speak for themselves: calm cattle, and beautifully tender high-marbled meat.

In fact, when some of the first meat from Mundarlo was processed through the Provenir butchery, the marbling of the meat was so remarkable that a bidding war broke out amongst the Founders for first taste!

Land management

Restoring the landscape with cattle. 

Nick is passionate about working with nature to produce beef that is not only healthy for us but also utilising cattle to the restore the health of our natural environment. 

This last point is not a well known fact to consumers or the general public.   Cattle can be part of a regenerative farming practice, rather than being seen only as a contributor to emissions and degradation.