Allanvale Estates

Farming at Allanvale is a family affair

Sam and Belinda Beddison live on the farm with their two children Poppy and Lucius. As well as their very experienced Farm Manager Ivan Truscott and Lauris Truscott, and their grandson’s Liam, and Nathan Whitling, who is their brilliant Farm Hand.

The Allanvale Estates Chair, Robyn Beddison OAM is up on the property weekly and very involved in all parts of the operation along with Sam’s sisters Georgie Roche and Daisy Beddison.

“We have an excellent extended team in Homestead Manager, Karen Clarke who has been with us for 16 years, Naomi Szydzik, the most beautiful of souls, perfectly manages the Homestead gardens with support from the gardening team at Yooralla who come out twice a week to lend a hand. Our fantastic Groom Kathy Seach ensures our wonderful horses are kept in the best possible condition and Gordon Grant who expertly assists Ivan and Nathan with our cattle operations, along with always having an upbeat positive and humorous analogy for everything. Megan Williams brilliantly supports our operations through her deep analysis, scenario modelling and reporting and procurement and risk management of our entire operations. Megan’s insights from her data analysis are invaluable.” – Sam Beddison

The Beddison family also pride themselves on establishing deep partnerships with their suppliers and contractors enabling them to have knowledge and capability uplift where and when they need throughout the year.

Everyone in the Allanvale Family is an asset which makes it such a special place to be. We feel very fortunate and incredibly grateful to everyone involved.” – Sam and Belinda Beddison

Why Provenir? 

Provenir are a high quality operation with the highest standards, which align well with our own values and approach”  – Sam Beddison

Farm fast facts

Farm NameAllanvale Estates
RegionCentral Northern Victoria
Farm Size3,500 acres
How many cattle?1,086 cattle
Who works on the farm?Robyn Beddison OAM
Sam and Belinda Beddison, and two children Poppy and Lucius.
Ivan Truscott and Lauris Truscott (Farm Manager)
Liam and Nathan Whitling (Farm Hand)
Gordon Grant
Megan Williams (COO)
Karen Clarke (Homestead Manager)
Naomi Szydzik (Homestead Gardens )
Kathy Seach (Groom)
Georgie Roche and Daisy Beddison
 Favourite beef meal?Sam loves a Dry Aged Rib Eye on the Bone, Ivan loves Tongue (and quietly makes a mean sausage), Nathan loves everything, and Robyn loves Corn Beef (which Ivan has mastered making – again quietly please or we’ll never hear the end of it).
Why Provenir?Provenir’s innovative model attracted us to explore including Provenir in our market mix. Speaking with Chris and the team, the belief, knowledge and passion they have for what they are doing is evident.

Why we farm

We are a family in business

The Beddison family feel very fortunate to have had the expertise and management from Ivan Truscott for the past 12 years at Allanvale. 

Ivan’s knowledge and experience are incredible.  The approach and discipline he takes with our herds genetics, the livestock handling techniques he applies every time without compromise, his pasture management and future planning are a testament to his long career in the cattle industry.  He always ensures everything is done to the highest standard every time which is inspiring. 

Ivan is a great farmer with the driest of wit that keeps you always smiling.  Allanvale is in brilliant hands with Ivan.  He also cooks the second best steak on the property 😊” – Sam Beddison 



Allanvale was owned by the Myer family then the Grimwade family at the turn of the century before Sir Alex and Lady Creswick purchased the property in the 1950’s.

Sam’s late father Tony Beddison AC and mother and Chair Robyn Beddison OAM purchased the property, which was 1800 acres at that time, from Sir Alex’s children in 2004.

Over the years the Beddison family and their team have acquired additional land and invested heavily in the infrastructure to ensure they have the highest quality environment to support their overall vision.

“All cattle on Allanvale are of pure Angus breeding based on Landfall blood bred by the 5th generation Archer family in the Tamar Valley of Tasmania.”

–  Sam Beddison

Landfall Angus Landfall Keystone Q34


Black Angus from Landfall Bloodlines

Currently Allanvale use 15 Landfall blood bulls over the herd in addition to their very successful AI program, which heavy uses the top rated A I Sire Landfall New Ground N90 and recently purchased Landfall Keystone Q34.  Due to his outstanding genetics, we believe Landfall Keystone Q34 is a young sire with a lot of potential.” – Sam Beddison


Livestock management

An enjoyable experience for human and beast

A high priority for the Allanvale herd is low stress stock handling at all times.  Sam, together with Ivan and the team firmly believe that working with quiet settled cattle should be an enjoyable experience for human and beast.

Offspring of the breeding herd are weaned in yards for a minimum of 7 days as a top priority with daily contact whilst in the yards, to ensure that they can reach their full potential in any future operation. 

An annual health program, that is closely monitored and recorded, is strictly followed to ensure the cattle are not subjected to any parasites etc that would affect their health and wellbeing.

Cattle are run on a rotation grazing system on a mixture of native and improved pasture with the use of grazing forage crops over the winter months to ensure adequate feed requirement.

We believe that with the rock-solid background of the Landfall family, their people and their genetics with the implementation of our policies that every experience to the customer should be a positive one.  The results we are proud and confident to say are Allanvale breed functional cattle that consistently perform.” – Sam Beddison


Land management

Data to inform better decisions

Allanvale Estates have implemented AgriWebb for their farm management software .  AgriWebb allows them to keep real time data on all mobs, every paddock they are rotationally grazed in, all treatments, stocking rates, paddock management including feed on hand and DSE (dry sheep equivalent) days grazed.  This is integrated with Figured, a farm financial management software which enables the team to track forecasted breeding plans with actuals, as well as managing budgeting and planning.  Figured is also integrated with Xero to enable reporting to occur seamlessly.  

Our systems are designed that we can provide our customers or anyone enquiring complete transparency and data on all parts of our operations within 30 minutes, at any time, in any format.  It is this data that enables us to make better decisions and track the impact of those decisions over time as the environment, soil and our stocking rate change.  

Megan Williams has done an incredible job here particularly with the customisation of a lot of our reporting we (she) have designed.  We love it when customers ask us for information, and we have a chance to demonstrate this.” – Sam Beddison



Always seeking to improve environmental outcomes

The Allanvale team also use technology to better manage and improve environmental outcomes.

 They have introduced Farmbots to measure rainfall at 4 different locations on the property.  The data is automatically fed into AgriWebb twice a day through satellite and also stored in the Farmbot Cloud platform.  Farmbots also monitor the water in the tanks that feed the spring fed water trough system in the paddocks, to ensure stock have fresh reliable water, always.  

The property has 3 very large dams that have Farmbot probes measuring the water volume so that the team can understand usage and needs, to make better decisions on being more effective in their water management.  The rainfall data enables better decisions along with soil testing to ensure we apply the right fertiliser to each paddock based on its actual needs.

We have 28 dams on the property as well but believe fresh clean water for animal welfare is critical.” – Sam Beddison