Pack for Two

~ 5.5kg of Provenir Beef


This may be our smallest Pack but it certainly offers variety, with a full selection of cuts including steaks, artisan cuts, BBQ cuts, roasts, sausages and beef mince. The perfect pack for those smaller households and romantic dinners for two!

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  • 4x Steaks
  • 1x Artisan Cuts
  • 2x BBQ cuts
  • 2x 0.8kg Roasts
  • 1kg Beef Sausages
  • 1kg Mince Beef

Family Pack

~ 9.5kg of Provenir Beef


Perfect for feeding the family, when you order this pack you’ll receive over 9kg of grass-fed beef delivered to your door.

Our Family Pack offers a selection of steaks, artisan cuts, BBQ cuts, roast, sausages and mince beef, to keep everyone in the family happy.

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  • 6x Steaks
  • 2x Artisan Cuts
  • 2x BBQ cuts
  • 2x 1.2kg Roasts
  • 1kg Beef Sausages
  • 2.5kg Mince Beef

Cooks Pack

~ 14.5kg of Provenir Beef


Our most economical pack, for home cooks who know how to create delicious meals with the less expensive cuts. You’ll receive over 14kg of grass-fed beef including a selection of BBQ cuts, roasts, beef sausages and minced beef.

Value – almost 50% more beef than the Family Pack for an extra $50.

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  • 3x BBQ cuts
  • 3x 1.2kg Roasts
  • 3kg Beef Sausages
  • 5kg Mince Beef

Limited Edition Pack

~ 4.5kg of Provenir Beef
Sold Out


Limited edition Provenir Wagyu beef – this is the best of the best!

Strictly limited – only 20 packs available.

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  • 2x Tomahawk Steaks (~1800g total)
  • 1x Porterhouse on the Bone (~400g)
  • 2x T-Bone Steaks (~800g total)
  • 1x Rump Steak (~1000g)
  • 1x Wagyu Burgers (~500g)

Slow Cook Pack

~ 9kg of Provenir Beef


Get the bbq fired up or warm up the smoker – our new Slow Cook Pack has all of your favorite low and slow beef cuts, just in time to cook up delicious winter warmers!

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  • 4-5Pc of Osso Bucco (~1.5kg total)
  • 1x Point End Brisket (~2kg)
  • 1x Short Ribs (~2kg)
  • 2x Slow Cook Diced Chuck (~ 1kg total)
  • 1x Whole Girello (~1kg total)
  • 3x Mince (~ 1.5kg total)

Premium Steak Pack

~ 5.5kg of Provenir Beef


For the true steak lovers this pack has it all from family sized rump steaks, scotch fillets and delicious full flavour steaks on the bone!

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  • 4x Scotch Fillet Steak (~1kg total)
  • 2x Rib Eye (~1.2kg total
  • 2x Porterhouse on the Bone (~1.2kg total)
  • 2x Rump Steak (~1.5kg total)
  • 1x Pichanya (Rump Cap) (~600g)