Our Farmers

At Provenir we know that

exceptional meat starts with

the best livestock

More than simply buying premium stock from top producers, Provenir genuinely partners with our farmers.  We have a shared passion after all; raising top quality livestock and producing the best quality meat.

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Each Provenir farmer qualifies based on their high welfare farming practices, commitment to best environmental management and the quality of the livestock they produce.

As we are routinely visiting each farm as part of our on-farm processing we know that they continue to meet highest welfare, livestock management standards, a true alignment of values.

While each farm is different and management practices vary dependent on the local environment and conditions, all of our farmers raise their livestock naturally, free range and grass-fed. Cattle and sheep graze on natural pastures, hay or silage, with access to clean drinking water.  Calves are kept alongside their mothers for a minimum of five months.

True free range means that the animals always have the ability to express their natural behaviour.

Low stress handling techniques are utilised on farm, ensuring livestock are calm and treated with respect. Provenir animals are never treated with or exposed to any hormones, they are not fed routine antibiotics or sourced from registered feedlots.

We like diversity and as such, Provenir is not breed specific.  We understand that different breeds are better suited to different environmental conditions and farming models. We also know that the different breeds of beef and lamb can, and should be, recognised and appreciated for their inherent eating qualities.

We may be a little romantic, but we envisage a day that the appreciation of the different breed qualities will create the “terroir” of beef in the same way that the geographic and varietal variations of wine are celebrated.


  • Highest welfare for livestock, for their entire life.
  • Feedback to farmers on the quality of the produce.
  • A feedback loop between consumers and farmers.
  • Provenance through farm co-branding with Provenir.

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